Warren S. Winegar

Winegar Fine Art offers experience, education and a trained eye to build your collection — whether you are beginning a collection, continuing a legacy, shifting directions, or seeking to acquire fresh works. We actively represent the interests of buyers and sellers to advise on the best direction for your collection.

Serving an international client base has enabled us to build relationships with private collectors and trusted dealers throughout the world's key art markets. Winegar Fine Art is also experienced in making valuations and discretely selling works of art as your collection changes and tastes shift.


Collecting beautiful things is a celebration of human skill and creativity that can embellish your life and surroundings. Well selected pieces have the potential of adding value to your portfolio as well as your world. In a time of uncertain financial markets, investment in hard assets provides a compelling alternative. There is also the benefit of visually appreciating these works, whilst they appreciate in value. Winegar Fine Art can assist you in defining what is both appealing to your eye and to your asset base.

Education and Experiences

Education is key in understanding art. Seeing and handling art enhance one's education like little else. Providing the tools and foundational concepts to enable clients to understand and appreciate art — from Old Master to Contemporary — is fundamental to our approach. Private and personalized guidance through international art fairs, museums, private collections and galleries can be arranged upon request.